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June Wrap-Up! (Wait- it’s July Already?!)

Hiiii everybody!!! maybe i should call you guys chickens no maya, just no hey chickens hows it going How is it July already?! NO REALLY I NEED ANSWERS HOW ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN A MONTH AND A BIT HOW *cough* Let’s start before I embarrass myself for the millionth time ~ June Goals ~ Drink […]

Drawing Fanart for My Fandoms! Part 1: Harry Potter ⚡️

*steps in dramatically* hello humans im back and im joined with a late post (: ahaha yes that’s what im going with and yes i have no clue what i mean i havent been blogging for a few days okay Today I’ve copied been inspired by Rayna (check out her amazing post!) to give my […]

Hogwarts Pals! ~ The Crup

Pacing across the room, Gryffindor told himself, more than the others, determinedly, “We’re going to go somewhere.” “Forget about it,” said a person concealed behind a large book, “it’s raining, there’s no way we’re going out there.” “You mean, there’s no way you’re going out there.” muttered Slytherin under his breath, smiling. Everybody went silent […]

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