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Collabing with @Pottah Wand!

Originally posted on Flora's Week Show Blog:
Hello friends!! Guess what? I am collabing with @Pottah Wand today! We are doing a Harry Potter collab where we ask each other Harry Potter related questions and see how many we get right! BUT before we get into this post, have you checked out Pottah Wand’s…

Harry Pottah Trivia Quiz Collab!!! (SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1 AND 2!!!) ft. Flora

HEEEEEEELLO AGAIN, GUYSSS!!!!!!!! I really need to think of a better name for you. How about ‘bolts’? ‘Cause Harry’s scar is shaped as a- No. Just no. You should be reading the post, not this convo with my brain, sorry. I’ll think about it later. As you can see, I’M DOING A HP-TRIVIA-QUIZ-COLLAB WITH FLORA!!!!!!!!! […]

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