Sorry about not posting too much. I know I promised to do a Lockdown Diary on Valentines Day, but stress kinda got to me, and I needed a little break. So, I’ve been thinking, what if I just made myself a schedule? Then I wouldn’t have to think about leaving this blog. Sorry, I’m VERY a bit dramatic, at times. Please stay with me. 😅

So, basically, I’m just gonna have a posting schedule. I’m also thinking about some blog series, but I don’t have any ideas. Could you help me out? I think the schedule for now will be every Friday, Monday and Sunday (17:00-18:00?) … or I might just post whenever. I’m not sure if I will be doing a specific time, because, mostly, I just post whenever I can. 😅😅😅

Thank you for not skipping this boring and annoying rant post. P.S, sorry I overloaded this post with info, I just can’t stand the thought of not being able to post a lot. It was originally going to be just Friday, but, I just CANNOT force myself to write one post a week when I have ideas. Also, I promise that I won’t leave dis bloggo in a long time. I just get overdramatic at times.

– Love from PottahWand (still trying to find a name that suits me, not the blog 😂🤣😵) –


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