This or That Collab: Collab with Saumya!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today, I am joined by the lovely Saumya, from Draw-Write-Inspire!!!!!

Hey there! My name is Saumya, a 13-year blogger from Draw-Write-Inspire and today I’m here with PottahWand for a Collaboration!! First of all I’d like to thank them for doing this with me because it was great and I had fun doing it. We did the most fun challenge- This And That.

Ok, so, let’s start this! Also, if you’d like to see my answers, then be sure to check out Saumya’s blog!!!

Saumya’s Answers, My Questions:

1. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee. You won’t believe me but I’ve never tasted tea in my whole life. 😂

Haha! Really? That’s crazy! At home, my mum drinks tea nearly every day! 😂

2. Day or Night?
Night. Getting up in the morning is not my thing. So half of my day gets wasted in sleeping and my mind works more efficiently at night when everyone’s asleep.

I understand. I HATE early mornings. Who CAN’T resist that cozy, warm feeling of nothingness in bed? 😌🛌

3. Book or Film?
Book. If you read the book, you imagine your own stuff. In movies, they force you to imagine. If you read the book, you’ll hate Draco because of his appearance explained but if you see the movie, you’re gonna fall in love with him.

True. 👌

4. Happy or Sad? (In general, e.g, films, books, feelings, ect) Happy. I’m a very cheerful person. No matter how I’m feeling inside, I cheer myself and other people.

Aw, that’s really cool! 🤩

5. Optimist or Pessimist?
Optimist. Well maybe, a pessimist in some things but mostly optimist.

I get that. I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I’m normally quite optimistic.

6. Bright or Dark?
Bright! I might like the night but it’s because of the stars that shine bright. (Gosh, I think I created a quote 😂) 

Ok, lemme just turn it into a PROPER quote. ✨

“I might like the night but it’s because of the stars that shine bright.”

– Saumya, Draw-Write-Inspire

7. Sweet or Salty?
Sweet! I love chocolates and I have a sweet tooth! 

Me too! 🍬🍫

8. Family or Friends
I’m sorry, I can’t choose between that. I’m really sorry but I can’t.

Yeah, I understand. 😅 You just can’t leave one or the other.

9. Pool or beach?
Pool. Because there’s no danger of getting drowned.

Oh yeah! I never realised! But then again, …*launches into a full blown debate with myself*

10. Comedy or Horror?
Comedy. I am not a fan of scary things.

Me neither! I’m so scared of horror that I’ve never watched it!

Does that make sense?

11. Phone or Computer?
Phone. I think phone is more personal and you can carry it everywhere. 

True! I’d probably choose computer, though, because… I don’t have a phone. 😂

12. Juice or Water?
Water. I can live without juice but not water.

Exactly!!! I don’t know what wrong with water, it’s healthier and ✨ AMAZING ✨!

13. Food or Drink?
Food. Because it’s more healthy and sufficient.

Wow. I actually don’t have an answer to this. 😂 I dunno, I’d probably choose both, ’cause you need both to live. 😅

14. Adventure or Peacefulness?
Peacefulness. I’m a coward.

Me too. 😅

15. Writing or Reading?
Writing. In reading, I go in a world made by someone else, even that feeling is wonderful. But in writing, I’m in a world created by me and I can make things according to what I want.

Yeah. But, I’d probably choose reading. 😅 I don’t get that many ideas, and when I do, I’m likely to bail on it.

Ok, guys, that’s it for today!!! Be sure to check out her blog, and check out her post!


A Few Announcements!

Hello everyone!!! This is an emergency post, and next week all the posts will be as usual, so that’s why there is no featured image.

Would you like the good news or the bad news?

I’ll take that as ‘bad news’ first.

I’m so, so, so, SO sorry guys, but, I’m not going to be doing the Harry Potter and the Homemade Disaster thing. 😥

Please, feel free to bombard me with annoyance. 😬😓

I feel really bad doing this, but I just CANNOT do it.

Every night, there’s a little piece of me, nagging me, saying ‘You should have done a bit today,’ and, ‘Just stop doing it!’ and, here I am, telling you. :s

I am really, ever so sorry to tell you that. I’m just an indesicive blogger, and I guess you’ll have to watch out for that. 😅

I know that saying sorry isn’t enough, and I know that some of you might be really annoyed that I just cancelled it. :/

Well, I’ll tell you the good news now.

I’ve just reached 50 followers!!! 🥳🥳🥳

I’m really, really happy about that, and I’m honestly not lying. 😁😆😄

I am really happy and excited.

Didn’t you just say that

Thank you SO SO SO SO much guys!!!!!

So, I’ve seen quite a lot of bloggers do this, so I’ll do this, too.

I’m doing…







Yep! I’ll do it, I think, on next, next Tuesday. (So, April 6th). I’ll do all of them, and I’m excited to see what you think about me!

Now, you’re probably still pretty mad at me, so I’ll show you what I’ve drawn for you.

(I hope that helps a bit…)

Well, guys, I guess that’s it! Make sure to comment your assumptions about me!

~ Tags and Awards! ~ || PottahWand

Heyyy, everybody!!!

Today, I’m SUPER hyped.


Because I got nominated for three tags!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

Okay, now, LETZ GO!

Oh boy, this is gonna be a LOOOONG post.

First up, the Art Lover Award!!!

Thank you SO, SO, SO much to Maggie, from Maggie’s Doodles for nominating me!!!

Laws of the Tag:

  1. Link to the tag’s creator (Rosy’s Writings)
  2. Thank and link to the person who tagged you
  3. Answer provided questions
  4. Tag your artist-y friends!!!
  5. You may break these laws if you so desire.

Ok! So, let’s start answering!

1. What medium do you use in your art? (i.e. acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.)

I mostly do digital drawing, so my tablet, maybe? 😂 I also like doing random sketches and doodles in notebooks with pens and pencils.

2. What’s your favorite piece of artwork you’ve ever done? (Include a photo)

Oooh, my favourites are probably these:

I’m really proud of them, because they look pretty good! 😍😄

3. What’s your least favorite artwork you’ve done, and what did you learn from it?

*sigh* Oh no, this isn’t going to be fun. Well, I guess I need to have it over and done with. Here’s my least favourite drawing:

This was my first (somewhat) realistic, full body drawing of a person. I was really proud of it when I drew it, but now I think it looks bad and pretty confusing. 😂 But, I do have to say, I’m quite proud to see that the hands were decent, and I managed drawing the hand pose quite well!

4. What was the last piece of art you did?

My last piece of art was this:

It was for a FlipaClip animation that I was trying to do, and I’m pretty proud! If you’d like to watch the animation, (beware, it’s really short) then click here! It’s not too good, but I don’t think it too bad, either! 😀

5. Who are your favorite artists?

Oooh, I don’t really have that many favourite artists, to be honest, I’m more of a writer person. 😄 But, I do have a few! My favourite artists are: Vincent Van Gough, Claude Monet, Georgia O’ Keeffe and Auguste Renoir. Georgia O’ Keeffe’s style is so pretty, and flowy, and I really like it. 😊😌

6. What is your favorite thing to draw/paint?

Well, right now, I really like drawing people! I’m trying to find a simpler way to draw them, though, because I’m not too good at really complicated drawings, with tricky poses, and more.

7. Do you have any art tips to share?

Well, I think you should try, try, and try again, because that’s how you learn! I also recommend watching others draw – it helps me a lot!

8. When did you get into art?

I think I was always kinda into art, but I only drew sometimes, and I mainly doodled (and wasted a lot of notebook paper). I only ACTUALLY got into art when I started watching Love2DrawManga, a YouTube channel where a really nice person called Rebekah draws manga! It’s really satisfying to watch, and it helps me a lot!

9. What inspires you?

I get inspired by A LOT of things. Mainly, an idea just pops into my head, and I want to try and recreate it! I sometimes watch something and get motivated, or, I see a picture of something and I want to try and draw it! 😄

10. What are your favorite colors?

Oooh, yay! My favourite colours are muted colours, and pastel colours! I don’t really mind what colour, as long as it’s muted or pastel. 😁

Now time for the nominations! Letz go!

My nominations:

Whimsical Watercolour

All Creatures Great and Small

The Doodle Crafter

And YOU! (If you want to. 🙂 )

Okay! That’s the first tag done! Now time for the second tag!

Thank you SO, SO, SO much to Flora, from Flora’s Week Show Blog, for nominating me for the Outstanding Original Blogger Award! I’m so, so happy!!!


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post Colton Beckwith RPC
  2. Answer the questions provided
  3. Create 7 unique questions
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2021, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2021 Outstanding Blogger award.

Okay, now time to answer the questions!!!

1. How do you like to destress and relax?

I destress and relax by rereading Harry Potter, or blogging! I also really like taking bubble baths! 😄🛁🧼

2. Top five audio/books you can’t get over?

Well, I don’t really like listening to audio books, I much rather reading in my own time, and by hearing my… brain’s voice? 😆 No, I mean that voice that you hear in your head. *googles it* Wow, it’s called “inner monologue” and some people don’t even have/experience it! If they don’t, then they just READ the words in their head! They just don’t hear a voice! And, deaf people’s inner monologue would be them feeling themselves signing sign language! Wow.

Sorry about that, I do like to burst frequent spurts of energy and google knowledge at you. 😅

Sorry, I’ve just realised that I haven’t even answered the question. 🤦

Obviously, No.1 HAS to be Harry Potter (as a whole), because, I just CANNOT LEAVE IT.

I also can’t get over, well, Harry Potter again. What a surprise. 🙄 *to director* Okay, can-can we redo this?

Okaaaay, so, 1 is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The number of amazing characters that die is… I CAN’T LET GO, OKAY?

2 is

3. What do you love to do when your not blogging?

Like I said before, I really like to reread Harry Potter, and I also just like reading (and a lot of rereading) in general. I reread books I have because, well, I like them, and they’re not getting boring! 😅

4. What motivates you to work hard?

All your beautiful comments make me motivated to write on this blog, and I have quite high educational ambitions, such as getting into Cambridge University, and getting a good job. Yeah. I have very big goals. I think I get motivated by my parents, mostly, and myself. (Somehow).

5. What are some blog pros and cons?

Some blog pros are that the community is so, so, so nice, blogging is SO much fun, and that I literally meet someone new every day.

Some blog cons is that I’m spending quite a lot of time on the computer, so I’m thinking about taking a break or posting once a week.

6. If somebody could tell you the future of your life would you like to know?

I wouldn’t want to know any exam results, because if they told me I’d pass, then I might get cocky and change the future and fail, but if they told me I wouldn’t pass then I would just totally give up on studying and just cry. I’d like to know how long I’ll keep this blog, though, and if I ever change something major about it. It would also be cool if they told me what I’d look like when I’m older and how long I live. Then I could live life to the fullest.

7. Where do you see your blog in 6 months?

Oooh, I think I see it with maybe around 100 followers? I see myself one year older, and probably much more experienced! The blog will have definitely changed a bit, and I’ll be celebrating my 7 month blogiversary! Wow!

Okay! Time for my own questions!

  1. Who do you want to be when you’re older?
  2. Do you consider yourself an optimist, pessimist or a realist?
  3. You wake up and find out that you got 1000 followers. What is your reaction?
  4. Are you into any fandoms?
  5. What’s your favourite animal, and why?
  6. Do you stress a lot?
  7. Do you have any idols?

My nominations:

Callie’s Corner

Day in and Day out with Gelina

The Fiction Journal

The Doodle Crafter

All Creatures Great and Small

Rania’s Rambling Reads

Books By Maeve


I have 12% Of A Plan

Inside Miriam’s Mind

And YOU!!! (If you’d like to). And, of course, if you’ve been chosen and you don’t want to do this tag, then you don’t have to. 🙂

Okay! Now the last tag!!!

Now I’m doing the…

Thank you so, so much to Maggie, for nominating me!

The Rules:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you (up above 🙂 ☝️)
  • Include the tag graphic in your post
  • Answer the ten questions the blogger asked
  • Nominate between five and ten bloggers
  • Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!
  • Don’t feel bound to these rules
  • (Most importantly) Have fun!

1. What’s a book you thought you wouldn’t like, then you did?

Gosh, hard. I can’t really think of any. I’ll have a browse of my bookshelf:

Oooh, yes! Private Peaceful, by Micheal Morpurgo! A few years ago, we were reading a Micheal Morpurgo book, I think it was about… unicorns… and an ark and a storm? Oh, it’s called, ‘I Believe In Unicorns’! Okay, and, anyways, I didn’t like it, and I got Private Peaceful for Christmas (last Christmas, 2020), I think? (I have a terrible memory). Anyways, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I LOVED it. It was amazing. It’s a heartwarming and beautiful book. ❤ I recommend it.

2. Which author have you read the most books by?

J.K Rowling, and Jaqueline Wilson, for sure. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, and I had a phase where I LOVED Jaqueline Wilson books. They’re really good, but they just can’t really compete with Harry Potter.

3. What’s a genre you haven’t read many books in, but you want to eventually?

I don’t have many non fiction books. I have a few, and I really like them, but I’d like more. There’s one paricular series, 100 Things To Know About, that I really like. I have one about the Earth, and another about the body. They’re really fun to read, and you learn a lot!

I think that those are literally the only non fiction books I have. UnU

4. If you could design your own personal reading corner, what would it look like?

Yay!!! Even though, to me, it doesn’t really matter where I am. I guess that’s the benefit of having one sibling.

I think I would have a big, fluffy, grey beanbag in one corner, a honey-yellow wooden bookshelf next to it, filled with:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Everything else on my bookshelf.

Sorry, you just know I can’t resist myself.

There would be a cozy yellow rug, with a black badger outline on it. (Hufflepuffs Unite! 😎). It wouldn’t be a very big room. the walls would be painted a light grey, and that would be my reading corner. 🙂

5. Do you judge books by their covers?

Mmm, sometimes. I’ll look at the cover and title, and if it interests me, then I’ll read the blurb, and I might have a bit of a flip through the book. If they pass my “test”, then I’ll ask my mum if she I can buy it.

6. Do you like listening to music while you read?

Hmm, I’ve never actually tried! I’ve done work with music on, and it did help me quite a bit, but I’ve never read with music. (Thanks for the idea!). I’ll do it right now!

… Later …

Alright, after 52 minutes of listening to Harry Potter music (you can listen to it here), I’ve found out that I LOVE listening to music while reading!!! My brain drowns out most of the music, but I hear a tiny bit, and it’s so nice to listen to! (Apart from the ads 😦 )

7. What’s a book you read recently that made you smile?

I’ve been rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and there were many moments which made me smile! A lot of them had Gilderoy Lockheart in them, who is literally the most frustrating character ever. 😂

8. What are a few books you want to read next?

I’m not really sure. After rereading Harry Potter, I’ll probably read them AGAIN, but I might read a few other books inbetween. Let’s see, I’ve got a few books on BorrowBox (click the link to find out more) so I might read them. I’ll probably find myself browsing around next week, too. Ooh, I could read ‘I, Cosmo’ by Carlie Sorosiak! I’ve read a bit of it a while ago, and it seems pretty interesting!

9. Are there any books that were recommended to you by a friend that are now on your favorites list?

No, not really. Except, a while ago, maybe 2 or three years ago, I spotted my friend reading a book in a series called “A Murder Most Unladylike”, and later, she let me borrow it! I really liked it, but it was kind of scary, too. Anyways, I read the second book, started the third book i the series, and since then, I just stopped reading it. It just stopped interesting me.

10. Would you rather read a library book or read a book you own?

I would rather read my own. I don’t know why, I just do. Some pages in the library could be ripped out, or badly damaged. I’m not really sure why. I think I’d just rather my own. (Sorry for being repetitive).

Alright! That’s the questions done! Now time for the nominations and my own questions!

My nominations:

Flora’s Week Show

The Reader’s Game

Books By Maeve

Rania’s Ramblings Reads

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings


  1. Do you own any books that you’re slightly scared of?
  2. What’s your favourite book? Why?
  3. How many books do you think you own? (You don’t have to count. :D)
  4. Do you have a least favourite book?
  5. If your favourite book was made into a film, then would you watch it? (If it already has, then did you watch it, and did you like it?).
  6. If you could be made into a book character, what would you look like, and what would your personality be like?
  7. If you could write a book, what would it be about?
  8. Do you think that books make the world a better place?
  9. What, in your own words, is the definition of a book?
  10. How do you feel when you finish a book?

Ok guys! That’s all for today! Another BIG thank you to everyone who nominated me! Thank you to Maggie and Flora!!!

~ Happiness Post! ~ For YOU!

Hello everyone!

Today, I thought I’d do something different.

This post is all about YOU!

Yes, YOU!

So, let’s start!

You look beautiful. You really do. Don’t deny it. Did you know that a butterfly can’t see it’s own wings? That’s really sad, because they can’t see how beautiful they are. Just like you. You are a butterfly, and you can’t see how pretty and wonderful you are.

Are you worried about something? You might be. Everyone tells you this, and I will too: you should tell somebody. Trust me, you’ll feel 1000 times better. You don’t even have to speak. You can write how you feel in a diary. You can write the date and draw a picture of how you’re feeling. Even a few scribbles. That can help you. Don’t bottle it up. In the end, you’ll burst.

You can cry, you know, if you need to. Let the tears spill down your cheeks, and take deep breaths. Cuddle something, someone. Release your feelings. Take deep breaths with me, now.



In through your nose…

Out through your mouth…



You’ll feel more relaxed now. If you’d like to, vent, rant to me. Whisper it. I won’t be able to hear it, but you’re telling it to someone. I’ll feel it. In my heart. ❤

Do be afraid. Yes. Be afraid. It’s human. It’s natural. No one has ever lived without being afraid once. Would you like a hug? I can hug you.

Some music for you:

I hope those pieces of music help you relax or smile!

I know this post was quite short, but I wanted to do my part in Mental Health Awarness, and since it was Down Syndrome Awarness Day on Monday, I wanted to do this. ❤ It was also Red Nose Day on Friday, 19th March.

Well, that’s it!

See you soon, everyone!

Harry Potter and the Homemade Disaster?!

Hi everyone!

This post is an emergency post, it won’t have a featured image, because I’m in a bit of a rush to write this. 😅 Also, the posts next week will be as usual. 😌

I have an idea. 💡

I know this may sound crazy, so don’t judge me. 😂😅

I’m going to start a series called “Harry Potter and the Homemade Disaster”.

Why and what will it be? I hear you ask. 😏 Well, not physically, but you know what I mean.

Harry Potter and the Homemade Disaster will be where I, PottahWand will be acting out the ENTIRE series, through pictures, and I’ll be acting as EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER.

I want to do it because it sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve seen a few YouTubers do stuff like “Harry Potter at Home” and more, and it would be fun to try on a blog!

I’m not going to be showing my face though. Oh no. I’m going to be using emojis to cover up my face, and editing them to look like the actual characters.

It’s not going to be too good, so that’s why I named it the Homemade Disaster. 😂😂😂

I’ll be posting every month or two, and in parts, because it will take A LOT of editing to do each film in seven posts. 😂

I haven’t created everyone yet, but here’s the main three: (neck reveal!)

Sorry if it’s a little bit glitchy, the emojis eventually disappear if I make them too big on Ibis Paint X, so I have to use my camera and photos, and edit an emoji in. Turns out emojis are pretty small… and aren’t used for covering up people’s faces…

Ok. I know it’s crazy, but, hey! Let me try! 😄

I’m out! 💛🖤

Taking Over Pottah Wand for a DAY! 😏🥳

that featured image took so long to make but it doesn’t even look that good-

The image be like : i dont feel fabulous-


Hiii Everyone!! Itz Evin here😉 I’ve gained access to this blog and will be controlling it for today!

Pottah Wand and I are doing a reaaalllly fun collab today!!

we’re gonna be taking over each other’s blogs for a whole day. we can publish posts, create new designs and all that fun stuff.

if you don’t know me, I’m Evin, a tween lifestyle blogger (i think-) @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

I don’t think I’ve seen any collabs like this, and I’ve had this in mind for a while😄 I don’t have any ideas of what I’m gonna be doing today, but I know it’s gonna be very interesting😆😜

I think I’m gonna start with the design first, then write a post later, anndd I’m gonna be changing the tagline. (if i can do that😂🤷‍♀️)

okay, i just discovered i can’t change the tagline. *sighs* BUT I just realised that Pottahwand does not have a divider, so I’ll be changing that. 😏👏😉


We’re not gonna talk about the watermark. OKAY?!

SO. this is the first post of today, and I’m gonna give you FREE advice, on How to get a decent amount of followers in a..week?

I don’t know if this’ll actually work, but it’s worth a try😆😜

Now, we set the goals-

  • Time – 1 week
  • Followers – uh, let’s try to get 20? that’s a lot, but let’s hope this works.
  • posts/day – 1

ooookay, i mostly have no idea what i’m doing here, but here are a few tips that helped me to grow my blog.

Follow 10 new blogs everyday.

Yes, EVERYDAY. I don’t do this everyday now, but I used to do it for a week? which is our goal. and yes, this definitely works! All you have to do is:

-Go to your WordPress reader, or the comment section of any blog – I recommend looking in the comments of literally any blog you follow, you can find other bloggers, follow them and maybe they’ll follow you back! If you follow 10 blogs like that, you’ll get at least 5+ follow backs😉 and you’ll also get to discover new blogs! Win-win :))

Call to action

After writing a blog post, add a call to action in the end (I’m not sure if that’s a correct sentence, correct me if I’m wrong😬)

This is basically just saying : “Be sure to follow my blog for new updates! And comment your thoughts below”

I do that in almost every post, because it’s an important element in a blog😌

Have a steady Schedule

Having a steady schedule will help YOU a lot, and I think I get a couple more followers on the days I post, so having a schedule helps. Your readers will also know when to expect posts, and you could also mention what kind of posts you would publish on that particular day.

Like: Mondays : Blogging related posts – Fridays : Lifestyle posts … Etc..

Write an awesome title, create a good featured image

Not just a featured image, including designs all around your blog like a header image, blog button, sidebar graphics, etc WILL bring more traffic to your blog!

You also need to write AWESOME, catchy?


*ahem* you need to write good titles, so you get a lot of people to read it. Comment an example for this down below!!

Try this out for a week, I will too and let me know if you gained 20 (or more/less) in the comments!!

And I had fun experimenting with the color backgrounds of the subheadings 😂🤪 I finally went with pastel. Is that too much color or is it pleasing to look at? I’m not sure.🤔

Well, this wraps up the post! I’ll probably be posting one more time today, so stay tuned for that!!

if you have any ideas for the next post, please tell me because I have no clue, and I don’t want it to be just another blog post, maybe something different?🤷‍♀️

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed!! Be sure to check out my blog for POTTAHWAND’S POST. *ahem * no self promo intended. 😂

And follow this blog if you haven’t already! Subscribe right here:

Have a great day everyone!! (Time to make a new sign off😉)

not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of that😆💕

Writing in Different Languages! 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇱 and more!


Salut tout le monde! Le message d’aujourd’hui sera un peu différent. Je vais écrire cet article dans quelques langues différentes! J’utilise Google Translate et je vais écrire en français, espagnol, polonais, arabe et chinois, ce qui, j’en suis sûr, est en fait le mandarin, mais de toute façon, oui! C’est le post! Si vous ne parlez pas français, vous pensez peut-être que mon blog a un bug ou qu’il est cassé. Je promets que non. Faites simplement défiler vers le bas et vous verrez la version anglaise. Je ne suis pas sûr que cela fonctionnera. J’espère que ce sera le cas. 😅

Donc, pour le post d’aujourd’hui, je vais parler, vous l’avez deviné, des langues! Je ne parle que polonais, mais je vais toujours utiliser Google Translate pour l’écrire, car ma grammaire n’est pas la meilleure. 😅

J’espère vraiment que ce message ne vous offensera pas. Parfois, aussi incroyable que cela soit, Google Translate peut être un peu trompeur. J’espère aussi que vous ne serez pas ennuyé si votre propre langue n’est pas ici. Si vous souhaitez vraiment que ce soit ici, commentez simplement vers le bas ci-dessous et dites-moi dans quelle langue. 🙂


¡Hola todas/todos! La publicación de hoy será un poco diferente. ¡Escribiré esta publicación en varios idiomas diferentes! Estoy usando Google Translate, y escribiré en francés, español, polaco, árabe y chino, que estoy bastante seguro de que en realidad es mandarín, pero, de todos modos, ¡sí! ¡Este es el post! Si no puedes hablar francés, es posible que estés pensando que mi blog tiene un error o está roto. Te lo prometo, no lo es. Simplemente desplácese hacia abajo y verá la versión en inglés. No estoy seguro de que esto funcione. Espero que lo haga. 😅

Entonces, para la publicación de hoy, voy a hablar de, lo adivinaste, ¡idiomas! Solo puedo hablar polaco, pero seguiré usando Google Translate para escribirlo, porque mi gramática no es la mejor. 😅

Realmente espero que esta publicación no te ofenda. A veces, por sorprendente que sea, el Traductor de Google puede ser un poco engañoso. También espero que no se moleste si su propio idioma no está aquí. Si realmente desea que esté aquí, simplemente comente abajo y dígame en qué idioma. 🙂


Cześć wszystkim! Dzisiejszy post będzie trochę inny. Zamierzam napisać ten post w kilku różnych językach! Używam Tłumacza Google i zamierzam pisać po francusku, hiszpańsku, polsku, arabsku i chińsku, co na pewno jest mandaryńskim, ale w każdym razie tak! To jest post! Jeśli nie mówisz po francusku, możesz pomyśleć, że mój blog ma błąd lub jest uszkodzony. Obiecuję, że nie. Po prostu przewiń w dół, a zobaczysz wersję angielską. Nie jestem pewien, czy to zadziała. Mam nadzieję, że będzie. 😅

Tak więc w dzisiejszym poście będę mówić o językach! Mogę mówić tylko po polsku, ale nadal będę używał Tłumacza Google do pisania, ponieważ moja gramatyka nie jest najlepsza. 😅

Naprawdę mam nadzieję, że ten post Cię nie urazi. Czasami, choć jest to niesamowite, Tłumacz Google może wprowadzać w błąd. Mam też nadzieję, że nie denerwujesz się, jeśli nie ma tu twojego własnego języka. Jeśli naprawdę chciałbyś, żeby tu było, po prostu skomentuj poniżej i powiedz mi, w jakim języku. 🙂


مرحبا جميعا! ستكون مشاركة اليوم مختلفة بعض الشيء. سأكتب هذا المنشور بعدة لغات مختلفة! أنا أستخدم الترجمة من Google ، وسأكتب بالفرنسية والإسبانية والبولندية والعربية والصينية ، وأنا متأكد تمامًا من أنها لغة الماندرين بالفعل ، ولكن على أي حال ، نعم! هذا هو المنصب! إذا كنت لا تستطيع التحدث بالفرنسية ، فربما تعتقد أن مدونتي بها خطأ أو أنها معطلة. أعدك ، ليس كذلك. فقط قم بالتمرير لأسفل وسترى النسخة الإنجليزية. لست متأكدًا من أن هذا سيعمل. آمل أن. 😅

لذا ، بالنسبة لمنشور اليوم ، سأتحدث عن اللغات! يمكنني التحدث باللغة البولندية فقط ، لكنني ما زلت سأستخدم الترجمة من Google لكتابتها ، لأن قواعد اللغة ليست هي الأفضل. 😅

آمل حقًا ألا يسيء لك هذا المنشور. في بعض الأحيان ، على الرغم من كونها مذهلة ، إلا أن ترجمة Google قد تكون مضللة بعض الشيء. آمل أيضًا ألا تتضايق إذا لم تكن لغتك الأم هنا. إذا كنت ترغب حقًا في أن تكون هنا ، فما عليك سوى التعليق أدناه ، وإخباري

Chinese: (traditional)

嗨,大家好! 今天的帖子會有所不同。我將用幾種不同的語言寫這篇文章!我正在使用Google Translate,並且將要用法語,西班牙語,波蘭語,阿拉伯語和中文寫作,我敢肯定,這實際上是普通話,但無論如何,是的!這是帖子!如果您不會說法語,那麼您可能會認為我的博客存在錯誤或已損壞。我保證不是。向下滾動,您將看到英語版本。我不確定這是否行得通。希望會。 😅

因此,就今天的帖子而言,我猜想是語言!我只會說波蘭語,但我仍會使用Google翻譯來編寫它,因為我的語法不是最好的。 😅

我真的希望這篇文章不會冒犯您。有時,儘管如此令人驚奇,但Google Translate可能會產生誤導。我也希望您不要因為自己的語言不在這里而煩惱。如果您真的希望它出現在這裡,則只需在下面評論don,然後告訴我哪種語言即可。 🙂

English Translation:

Hi everyone!
Today’s post will be a little different. I’m going to be writing this post in a few different languages! I’m using Google Translate, and I’m going to be writing in French, Spanish, Polish, Arabic and Chinese, which I’m pretty sure is actually Mandarin, but, anyways, yeah! This is the post! If you can’t speak French, ect, then you might be thinking that my blog has a bug or it’s broken. I promise, it’s not. Just scroll down and you’ll see the English version. I’m not sure this will work. I hope it will. 😅

So, for today’s post, I’m gonna be talking about, you guessed it, languages! I can only speak Polish, but I’m still going to be using Google Translate to write it, because my grammar isn’t the best. 😅

I really hope this post doesn’t offend you. Sometimes, amazing though it is, Google Translate can be a bit misleading. I also hope you don’t get annoyed if your own language isn’t here. If you’d really like it to be here, then just comment down below, and tell me which language. 🙂

For Snowflake and Snow White 🤍🐭

Hello guys, and today’s post is going to be a little sad. On Tuesday, I found out that my gerbil had died. Her name was Snowflake, and she had a sister, Snow White, but Snow White died in 2020, when everyone was in lockdown. I’ve cried, and although I know that their in a better place now, my heart aches thinking about them. I know, I know. Gerbils, and pets in general don’t live long, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them! In ten years, we’ll STILL be thinking about our loved ones.

Gerbils aren’t that well known. I’ve read quite a few books or posts on websites about pets, and gerbils aren’t mentioned that much. In case you don’t know, gerbils are these little cute hamsters, but a little bigger, and they can jump quite high.

This is what a gerbil looks like. My gerbils looked similar, but they were white, and Snow White had some grey on her back, a little like a cape. 🙂

So, in short, pets don’t live too long, so appreciate them! They are wonderful, sweet and AMAZING creatures! I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Meet some OCs!

Hey peeps! It’s me! Who else would it be? 😂 Today, I’m gonna show you a few OCs (original characters) that I made using Gacha Club!

If you want to ask them any questions, then be sure to comment down below! 💬

Name: Bonnie

Age: 16

Favourite Food: Ramen

More Info: She may look harmless, but whatever you do, don’t get on her bad side! Bonnie’s a fiesty person, especially when it comes to her family! She is a natural born leader, and a strong person. You can always count on her to help you with anything.

Name: Andy

Age: 17

Favourite Food: Chocolate cake

More Info: While he may not be the most talkative of people, Andy is really smart and works in the local newspaper, and has a few close friends he shares EVERYTHING with. He likes reading crime, thrillers, and horror.

Name: Annie

Age: 15

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Blogonese

More Info: When she’s bored, Annie is often in daydreams, where she cycles non-stop. She really wants to become a famous cyclist, and repair bikes too! She’s a fellow Potterhead, and a proud Ravenclaw! ❤

Okay guys, that’s it for today! Tell me if you’d like a part 2! Bye for now!

Stories and Doodles – Blog Collab with Maggie Doodles!

– What Maggie says is in bold, whilst mine is normal. 🙂 –

Hello! Today, me and Maggie are doing a blog collab! Maggie has drawn 3 doodles for me to write some character profiles for them! In return, I’ve drawn a picture and Maggie’s going to write a short story about it! Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Hi!! I’m Maggie, the writer behind Maggie’s Doodles. I’m so excited to be doing this collab with PottahWand! Some of my favorite hobbies include blogging (obviously 😂💕 ), photography, journaling, listening to music (especially Irish music, that stuff’s the BEST), reading, and doodling! I’m the oldest of five kids and I live with my family in the southern United States. I love inspiring others and making new friends! (Click here to see her AMAZING blog, and her collab post: here)

Character Profiles

Name: Adira

Favourite Colour/Color: Turquoise

Lives In: Ocean

Age: 17

Heritage: Greece

Likes To Eat: Seaweed and sea plants

Backstory: I was on a walk on a beach, when I found this shiny pebble. I wanted to be a geologist when I grew up, so I wanted to check it out. When I touched it, I had this fiery sensation in my mouth, so I took out my water bottle to drink some water, and then I found I was a mermaid! (Luckily I was near the ocean, so I could push myself in.) It’s not nice turning into a mermaid, but after the years I can manage it better. (I go back to my family after a few days.)

Names: Dakota (left) and Sereno (right)

Favourite Colours/Colors: Any! We love all of them!

Age: Both are 13

Heritage: USA

Live In: Massachusetts, USA

Like To Eat: Burgers and pizza!

Backstory: So, we’re both cosplayers, and a year ago, we were at this tea party cosplay event, and Dakota dressed as the March Hare, and I dressed as the Mad Hatter. We teamed up together to try and win the event, and we did! Ever since we’ve been really good friends!

Names: Apricot (left, dog) and Nala (right, cat)

Live in: UK

Ages: 1 in dog and cat years

Favourite food: Chicken, tuna.

Backstory: While they get on very well, Nala and Apricot don’t live in the same house. Their owners regularly visit each other and bring their pets with them.

Maggie’s Story:

This is something I drew, and Maggie has written a short story about it! 😀 ⬇️

Easing her cumbersome school bag to the other arm, Aria walked up the sidewalk to the library. It had been a long day and she wanted to go home. What stopped her from turning onto her street after leaving school was the possibility of checking out that one particular book from the library. She figured it would be checked out, once again, since her entire class was talking about it, but she had to try. Aria smiled as she thought back to the synopsis. ‘FlameTails’ by Bethany Ticket was the story of a mother fox and her kit, and in the story a girl with flaming red hair discovers them abandoned in a box. It’s up to the girl, named Arina, to return them to the Guard, an enchanted man who kept the entire Fuega universe in order. One reason she wanted to read FlameTails was because of all the hype. But she also had to read the story for herself because what she’d heard of Arina reminded her so much of herself – and their names were almost identical! Being a storyteller at heart, Aria would have fun pretending that she was going on an epic adventure to get those foxes back to their rightful owner. Now she approached the library doors, but the Free Book box sitting outside caught her eye. She never ended up liking the books that got tossed aside in there – it had turned into a Trash Books box, more like it – but she could have sworn she’d seen movement. Was that – no, it couldn’t be. She dropped the handle of the library’s front door and approached the box. “You’re kidding,” she thought. A fox lay curled up in the box, and a little kit scratched at the sides of the cardboard. Aria blinked. Instinctively, she looked around. Maybe someone was pranking her. Maybe she was going to be on a TV show! Then, at the edge of the woods, she spotted a strange-looking tree. Welp, it wasn’t a tree. It was a man in a thick tan cloak. Staring at her. “What’s going on?” Aria thought. Then, everything around her turned to white. All that remained were the two foxes sitting in front of her… waiting to be guided home.


Alright, that’s the end of our blog collab! We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Comment below any questions you want to ask the doodles! They’ll happily answer! Just tell us your question and which one you’d like to answer it!

BTW, What do you think of my first sign-off?