A little announcment: I’ve joined the wonderful Out in the Randomness! I’ll be posting every alternate Saturday there, and Evin and Arwa will, too! Maggie’ll be posting every Wednesday, though. 😊 Please do check out the blog! It’s really cool! 😍

Out in the Randomness...

Hi Craxies!!! I have exciting news!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

We have 3 new bloggers in the team, and Out in the randomness is back to post again!!!

Meet the new team!


Hey y’all so excited to be a part of this amazinggg blog! If you didn’t figure it out already I’m Arwa but you can call me Mars:) I’m a major Harry Styles simp😀 and spend waste my time reading fanfic😌 I’m learning French and I write poetryyy, I also cycle aimlessly around the city discovering new places with my friends🀩I have 2 other blogs The Corner Shop and The Crisp Pages. I enjoy breaking stereotypes and dream of a world where we co-exist peacefully, equally and happily! I also binge read a lot (advise against it!!) I’m learning to bake but usually I just end up β€˜watching’ my mom bake:) I’m an introvert but love meeting new oNliNe, that’s pretty…

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