200 followers?! *whaaaat*

hey everybody!

okay, so all my exams are finished, so i PROMISE i’ll actually post. i love blogging but i’m just kinda figuring things out (:

firstly, like i said at the start, MY EXAMS HAVE FINISHED AGGHHHHHHHH

they weren’t anything really serious, but they were stressful and revision took FOREVER

secondly, i’ve just realised that i have 200 followers?! i have two- no, three questions: 1) HOW?, 2) WHEN? and 3) WHY?

this is crazy!!!!! thank you so, SO much! it really means a lot that you WILLINGLY (i repeat, WILLINGLY) follow my blog because you’re at least slightly interested in what i post. i mean, my posts are like, 95% cringiness! i bet future me is already cringing reading this! edit from future me: i am now

thank you for everything. 💕

why does this sound like i’m leaving 🤦‍♀️ (trust me, i’m not ahah)

see you next post! ❤