istgjrhdgkr the microsoft cat emoji is so cutee


i’ve been waiting to write this post for a while (since february ahahah)

you’ve probably guessed from the title; i have cats!

(i don’t know why i decided to keep this a secret for so long xD)

they’re called poppy and cassie, and we got them on february 14th this year πŸ’•

they’re sisters, and are both 11 months old (about 14 in human years)

withour further ado, i’ll be showing some pictures of them and little things i’ve learnt about them over the past few months!

it’s a little blurry, but this is one of my favourite pictures of poppy xD

this is poppy, she has yellow eyes and dark stripes on her back, which is how we tell her apart from cassie. she’s a cuddly ball of floof that can do a lot of damage if she’s in a playful mood. she gets scared easily and hides if she’s scared. she likes to roll onto her back and get pet on her stomach (she starts purring once pet there lol). she’s pickier than cassie, and falls asleep everywhere.

this is cassie, she’s more outgoing than poppy and has escaped out of the house (they’re indoor cats) a few times lol. she has green eyes and this leopard-y print on her back. she doesn’t get scared as easily as poppy. she meows a lot, and purrs a lot too πŸ˜‚

isruehigsgdbjdk i love my kitties aaaaaaa *melts into a puddle because of cuteness*

i have no other secret pets, i promise. *t-rex appears in the corner* *nervous laugh* definitely

finally i made a new sign-off lol

11 thoughts on “a small announcement 🐱

  1. Awweee! Poppy looks kinda like my sister’s cat Tom-Tom😍
    And Cassie looks so sweet!
    I always us one month to be one year in cat years. So like a year old would be 12 for my catsπŸ˜‚

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