hello everyone!

it’s time for another year at school. *sigh*

yay i’m just so excited woo hoo

so let’s see if i did anything this month (spoiler alert: i didn’t)


last month’s goals:

be prepared for next year at school (: – i got a new pencil case does that count hahah

read – i read a bit lol

blog – i actually did yayyy

september goals:

do school

keep up with blogging

what i read

girl, missing by sophie mckenzie ~ i felt that this was a bit too far-fetched and i didn’t really like many characters, but it was okay (:

the names they gave us by emery lord ~ oh my gosh, i LOVED this! it was so beautiful!

kill joy by holly jackson ~ aghhhh the ending was the best, and it was just as good as the other books in the series =D

solitaire by alice oseman ~ aghhh this was such a good bookkkk

radio silence by alice oseman ~ i loved everything about this book and all the links to the heartstopper series

minecraft guide collection by mojang ~ minecraft πŸ‘Œ

i was born for this by alice oseman ~ i didn’t think i’d like this too much but it’s by ALICE OSEMAN who am i kidding every book she writes is good

what i watched

titanic (i think haha i can’t remember which month lol) ~ this is a freaking MASTERPIECE

superstore ~ it was good despite half the characters annoying me lol

favourite songs this month

cool kids by echosmith


the imagination tag!

a small announcement 🐱

a post where i ✨ramble✨

its my birthdayπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

yayy four postsssss

note: i’m sorry for posting late, i’m incredibly unproductive right now for some reason (just in time for school πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘)

i have some cool ✨posts✨ coming soon so i hope you like them ahhahah

my awkwardness is at level 1000 by now


5 thoughts on “august wrap-up // it’s september!

  1. Congrats on achieving last month’s goals and good luck with your goals for this month πŸŽ‰.
    Happy belated birthday🌻. Hope you had a blastπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. May God protect and bless you with a long lifeπŸ‘.
    If it’s not too late, here are my questions:

    1)How many languages can you speak and is there a specific language you’d like to learn?
    2) What’s your go to hairstyle?
    3) Do you prefer coffee or tea?

    Hope you have a good month🌞.

    Liked by 1 person

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