hey everyone, and happy november!

i’m back from my hiatus! (:

it’s getting colder, she says, as she looks out the window and sees the sun shining and it’s gonna be christmas soon! =D

so i thought i should do a winter bucket list, and here it is!


*ta daa*

  • drink hot chocolate
  • build a snowman (if it snows)
  • make snow angels (if it snows)
  • drink a ✨fancy✨ hot drink
  • have a christmas movie marathon
  • listen to christmassy songs on repeat
  • wear ✨LOTS✨ of jumpers
  • make a paper snowflake
  • bake cookies
  • go ice skating

after winter’s over, i’ll make a post talking about the stuff i did this winter, and if i did the things on my bucket list (:


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