Taking Over Pottah Wand for a DAY! 😏🥳

that featured image took so long to make but it doesn’t even look that good-

The image be like : i dont feel fabulous-


Hiii Everyone!! Itz Evin here😉 I’ve gained access to this blog and will be controlling it for today!

Pottah Wand and I are doing a reaaalllly fun collab today!!

we’re gonna be taking over each other’s blogs for a whole day. we can publish posts, create new designs and all that fun stuff.

if you don’t know me, I’m Evin, a tween lifestyle blogger (i think-) @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

I don’t think I’ve seen any collabs like this, and I’ve had this in mind for a while😄 I don’t have any ideas of what I’m gonna be doing today, but I know it’s gonna be very interesting😆😜

I think I’m gonna start with the design first, then write a post later, anndd I’m gonna be changing the tagline. (if i can do that😂🤷‍♀️)

okay, i just discovered i can’t change the tagline. *sighs* BUT I just realised that Pottahwand does not have a divider, so I’ll be changing that. 😏👏😉


We’re not gonna talk about the watermark. OKAY?!

SO. this is the first post of today, and I’m gonna give you FREE advice, on How to get a decent amount of followers in a..week?

I don’t know if this’ll actually work, but it’s worth a try😆😜

Now, we set the goals-

  • Time – 1 week
  • Followers – uh, let’s try to get 20? that’s a lot, but let’s hope this works.
  • posts/day – 1

ooookay, i mostly have no idea what i’m doing here, but here are a few tips that helped me to grow my blog.

Follow 10 new blogs everyday.

Yes, EVERYDAY. I don’t do this everyday now, but I used to do it for a week? which is our goal. and yes, this definitely works! All you have to do is:

-Go to your WordPress reader, or the comment section of any blog – I recommend looking in the comments of literally any blog you follow, you can find other bloggers, follow them and maybe they’ll follow you back! If you follow 10 blogs like that, you’ll get at least 5+ follow backs😉 and you’ll also get to discover new blogs! Win-win :))

Call to action

After writing a blog post, add a call to action in the end (I’m not sure if that’s a correct sentence, correct me if I’m wrong😬)

This is basically just saying : “Be sure to follow my blog for new updates! And comment your thoughts below”

I do that in almost every post, because it’s an important element in a blog😌

Have a steady Schedule

Having a steady schedule will help YOU a lot, and I think I get a couple more followers on the days I post, so having a schedule helps. Your readers will also know when to expect posts, and you could also mention what kind of posts you would publish on that particular day.

Like: Mondays : Blogging related posts – Fridays : Lifestyle posts … Etc..

Write an awesome title, create a good featured image

Not just a featured image, including designs all around your blog like a header image, blog button, sidebar graphics, etc WILL bring more traffic to your blog!

You also need to write AWESOME, catchy?


*ahem* you need to write good titles, so you get a lot of people to read it. Comment an example for this down below!!

Try this out for a week, I will too and let me know if you gained 20 (or more/less) in the comments!!

And I had fun experimenting with the color backgrounds of the subheadings 😂🤪 I finally went with pastel. Is that too much color or is it pleasing to look at? I’m not sure.🤔

Well, this wraps up the post! I’ll probably be posting one more time today, so stay tuned for that!!

if you have any ideas for the next post, please tell me because I have no clue, and I don’t want it to be just another blog post, maybe something different?🤷‍♀️

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed!! Be sure to check out my blog for POTTAHWAND’S POST. *ahem * no self promo intended. 😂

And follow this blog if you haven’t already! Subscribe right here:

Have a great day everyone!! (Time to make a new sign off😉)

not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of that😆💕