winter bucket list ❄️

hey everyone, and happy november!

i’m back from my hiatus! (:

it’s getting colder, she says, as she looks out the window and sees the sun shining and it’s gonna be christmas soon! =D

so i thought i should do a winter bucket list, and here it is!


*ta daa*

  • drink hot chocolate
  • build a snowman (if it snows)
  • make snow angels (if it snows)
  • drink a ✨fancy✨ hot drink
  • have a christmas movie marathon
  • listen to christmassy songs on repeat
  • wear ✨LOTS✨ of jumpers
  • make a paper snowflake
  • bake cookies
  • go ice skating

after winter’s over, i’ll make a post talking about the stuff i did this winter, and if i did the things on my bucket list (:


school supplies! // back to school :,) πŸŽ’


it’s back to school time, and the only reason i’m excited is because of ✨stationery✨

so in this week’s post, i’m just showing some stationery i’ll be using this school year!


in rymans, i bought this really cool pencilcase that fits everything i need =D

it has three pockets, and i thought all my stuff wouldn’t fit, but it did, and there’s room for more xD

pencils + pens

i got a few pencils somewhere (i can’t remember where ahah) and also these penssss eeeeee i love themmm

picture from the ryman’s website


i have some old sharpie highlighters (neon pink, orange, yellow and green if you’re interested ahaha) that still work and my bestie bought me these super cheap (at the time) pastel highlighters and they’re ✨amazing✨

they’re actually way more vibrant than i expected, especially the purple (:

notebook/revison book

i went to kenji and i found this freaking BEAUTIFUL a5 notebook

(sorry, i couldn’t find a better picture ahah)

agghhhh i can’t wait to use this i’m in loveeee


i can’t actually remember where i got my backpack, but it’s actually for hiking or something ahah

it’s really good, it fits all my stuff and has about a bazillion pockets =D

sorry, this is a bit of a random post, but i love cute stationery >:D

birthday q&a!

about a week ago, on my birthday, i said i’d be doing a q&a post, so here it is!

i’m so sorry for that horrible intro πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

inaya b

do you prefer to watch the movie first and then read the book, or first the book and then the movie?

read the book, then when watch the movie, for sure. it just feels wrong to watch the movie first lol

what’s your favourite color?

my favourite colour’s probably yellow, green or purple (:

what did you do/are you planning to do for your birthday?

i went to the shopping centre with my bestie

(note: i’m really sorry, but for some reason the format went haywire at this point haha)


when have you felt the most proud?

whenever i get good test scores πŸ˜‚
which celeb would you want as your BFF?

i have no idea lol πŸ˜…
where do you want to travel the most?

canada, i don’t know why but i’m so drawn to it, it sounds like such a nice place haha


do you prefer salty food or spicy food?

salty food, i don’t like a lot of spicy food.
what’s the last classic book you read?

a christmas carol by charles dickens, i read it for school. i don’t really like classics ahaha
what’s your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?

m, because it’s at the start of my name xD
what shirt are you wearing right now?

it’s a grey shirt, it says ‘dreamer of the future. be your own cheer leader. be the sunshine’ it’s a bit cringy ahahah.
if you could go on a vacation tomorrow to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

canada, but a close second is greece. they’re so cool ahghfgdjgjgeirgirnu


things you hate to eat?

vegetable soup xD
things you love to eat?

poptarts and paprika crisps
subjects you don’t like?

science, pe and geography and art (sometimes)
subjects you like?

english, drama and history
movies you watched recently?

insurgent from the divergent series, i loved it!
plans to redesign your blog?

yeah, i just need to add my header, blog button and change my site address (i don’t really know how to do that ahahaha)
if you are reincarnated then what celebrity do you want to be?

helena bonham carter, because she’s been in so many different films =D
choose one: johnny depp or brad pitt

johnny depp, i don’t really know who brad pitt is πŸ˜…

corrie s.p

which is your favorite: morning, midday, or evening?

midday, there’s time to do anything, and you’re not tired
do you like sharks or dolphins better?

neither, they both have their pros and cons ahahah
painting or doodling?

doodling, i’m so bad at painting πŸ˜‚
coloring or drawing?

both, because i’m bad at drawing, but i don’t really like colouring
pandas, or hyraxes? (srsly if you don’t know the last one look them up ;))

for anyone who doesn’t know what hyraxes look like (me included hahah) here’s a picture:

credit: world atlas

*dies of cuteness* definitely a hyrax
do you like snickers ice cream? It’s yummy in my opinion

i’ve never tried it, but i’d probably like it haha
have you ever tried red velvet cake ice cream?

i’ve also never tried this, or red velvet cake, but i might like it? i’m not really sure
what is your favorite ice cream?

chocolate or cookies and cream (:


did you have cake for your birthday? if so, what kind?

i did, i had a victoria sponge (:
hermoine or luna?

luna, i don’t really like hermione
favorite blog post of yours?

i loved writing my percy jackson and harry potter themed wallpaper posts! (link both posts)

definitely moi

if you could only listen to one song your whole life, what would you choose?

that’s such a hard question! πŸ˜‚ maybe bohemian rhapsody?
favourite place you’ve ever visited?

france or spain, probably. they were both so beautiful, i’d love to go again. (:
5 things you cannot live without

family, friends, books, junk food and netflix lol
if you could retain only one post of yours, what would you choose to keep?

as sentimental as it would be, i’m not choosing my first post or anything, my old posts are super cringy ahahah. i’d retain ‘a small announcement 🐱‘ i just love my catssss *incomprehensible screaming*
dogs or cats?

if it wasn’t obvious from my previous answer, cats! i do love dogs too, though =D


what’s your favorite blog post that you’ve done?

as i said before, my favourite blog post that i’ve written is probably the percy jackson and harry potter themed wallpapers!
what’s the last book you rated 5 stars?

i’m not sure, probably radio silence by alice oseman, my love for that book cannot be put into words haha
if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

canada! it sounds wonderful there (:


how many languages can you speak and is there a specific language you’d like to learn?

i can speak polish and english, and i’d love to learn russian!

what’s your go to hairstyle?

a ponytail, they’re simple to make when i’m half asleep xD

do you prefer coffee or tea?

tea! coffee is way too bitter, haha

welp, i guess this is the end of this post :,)

i had loads of fun answering these questions, thank you so much! =D

august wrap-up // it’s september!

hello everyone!

it’s time for another year at school. *sigh*

yay i’m just so excited woo hoo

so let’s see if i did anything this month (spoiler alert: i didn’t)


last month’s goals:

be prepared for next year at school (: – i got a new pencil case does that count hahah

read – i read a bit lol

blog – i actually did yayyy

september goals:

do school

keep up with blogging

what i read

girl, missing by sophie mckenzie ~ i felt that this was a bit too far-fetched and i didn’t really like many characters, but it was okay (:

the names they gave us by emery lord ~ oh my gosh, i LOVED this! it was so beautiful!

kill joy by holly jackson ~ aghhhh the ending was the best, and it was just as good as the other books in the series =D

solitaire by alice oseman ~ aghhh this was such a good bookkkk

radio silence by alice oseman ~ i loved everything about this book and all the links to the heartstopper series

minecraft guide collection by mojang ~ minecraft πŸ‘Œ

i was born for this by alice oseman ~ i didn’t think i’d like this too much but it’s by ALICE OSEMAN who am i kidding every book she writes is good

what i watched

titanic (i think haha i can’t remember which month lol) ~ this is a freaking MASTERPIECE

superstore ~ it was good despite half the characters annoying me lol

favourite songs this month

cool kids by echosmith


the imagination tag!

a small announcement 🐱

a post where i ✨ramble✨

its my birthdayπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

yayy four postsssss

note: i’m sorry for posting late, i’m incredibly unproductive right now for some reason (just in time for school πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘)

i have some cool ✨posts✨ coming soon so i hope you like them ahhahah

my awkwardness is at level 1000 by now

a post where i ✨ramble✨

i think today’s featured image has too much going on, but i am not deleting those circles, it took me ages to line them all up lol

hi everyone!

it’s thursday, and i still have no idea what this post’ll be about, so today i’m rambling about anything and everything!

my blog name

i’m still procrastinating on when to change it, but i have finally thought of a blog name. i’ll be naming this blog ‘it’s raining books’! i want to focus on writing and more bookish content hopefully lol (there will still be incredibly cringy posts about whatever, too, though).


i currently have 2 wips: a harry potter fanfic, and an element-themed story i’ll probably scrap.

the hp fanfic is something i started about a year ago, then left in an abandoned word document. i’ve discovered it while searching my old laptop, and i found that it wasn’t too cringy, so i took pictures of it and started to rewrite it into a better fanfic. (thinking back, i probably could’ve just emailed it to myself, but that laptop’s really slow hahah). if i write some more, i’ll hopefully post it here so you guys can read it. (:

the element-themed story is something i’ve had in my head for a while, but i can’t think of a good plot, and also how it ends and starts, which i think is pretty important for a good book. if i ever do figure a plot, then i might work on it and also post it here.

my bookshelf

i’ve been planning to re-organise my bookshelf, and give books i don’t want anymore to charity, but because i’m incredibly busy with, uh, watching youtube, i can never find the time to do it! *cough* yeah that’s right you just don’t have enough time *cough*


i’ve still got about 3 weeks left before school, but, hear me out, i want to go already! maybe i’m going crazy or something probably but i really want to do homework just so i have something to do iwrjiefherjoiewoqevjckwijwi

when i get back to school, i guarantee you i’ll be complaining about homework and wishing for the summer holidays again lol

well, that’s everything for today, but how are you? how’s life? *runs out of questions to ask* uh, yeah that’s it, bye!

cLicK tHAt lIkE aNd sUbScrIbE bUtToN sO yOu dOn’t mIsS OuT On mOrE aMaziNg vIdEoS pOstS FrOm mE

a small announcement 🐱

istgjrhdgkr the microsoft cat emoji is so cutee


i’ve been waiting to write this post for a while (since february ahahah)

you’ve probably guessed from the title; i have cats!

(i don’t know why i decided to keep this a secret for so long xD)

they’re called poppy and cassie, and we got them on february 14th this year πŸ’•

they’re sisters, and are both 11 months old (about 14 in human years)

withour further ado, i’ll be showing some pictures of them and little things i’ve learnt about them over the past few months!

it’s a little blurry, but this is one of my favourite pictures of poppy xD

this is poppy, she has yellow eyes and dark stripes on her back, which is how we tell her apart from cassie. she’s a cuddly ball of floof that can do a lot of damage if she’s in a playful mood. she gets scared easily and hides if she’s scared. she likes to roll onto her back and get pet on her stomach (she starts purring once pet there lol). she’s pickier than cassie, and falls asleep everywhere.

this is cassie, she’s more outgoing than poppy and has escaped out of the house (they’re indoor cats) a few times lol. she has green eyes and this leopard-y print on her back. she doesn’t get scared as easily as poppy. she meows a lot, and purrs a lot too πŸ˜‚

isruehigsgdbjdk i love my kitties aaaaaaa *melts into a puddle because of cuteness*

i have no other secret pets, i promise. *t-rex appears in the corner* *nervous laugh* definitely

finally i made a new sign-off lol

the imagination tag!

hi everyone! today i’ll be doing the ✨imagination tag✨

thank you, selina for nominating me!

isghskrsrtis this is so prettyy


  • put the featured image at the beginning of the post! ☝️
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  • thank the person that nominated you!
  • tag your post with #theimaginationtag or #the imagination tag
  • think of six questions to ask yourself.
  • answer the question:Β what’s going through your mind right now?
  • nominate as many people as you want!

here are my questions!

1. do you have a hobby no one knows about?

i like to make fortune tellers and bookmarks out of paper, then decorate them (i never really use them hahah)

2. what food could you never get tired of?

paprika crisps and nutella (not together though lol πŸ˜…)

3. what’s your favourite colour, and why?

i like muted yellow shades, they’re really calming and nice (:

4. are you writing anything currently?

i want to, but i have no plot or writing skills, so no.

5. if you could create one invention, what would it do?

with my skill, probably a paper bookmark, but if i suddenly had godly inventing powers? something that could help the world, like a tree replanter that uses eco-friendly fuel.

6. have you ever played with cards?

yes! i love playing solitaire and a card game that i think in english is called macau (my family plays the polish variation, though). it’s really fun! ‘u’

what’s going through your mind right now?

i’m trying to think of three more questions but i can’t so i’m skipping to this part iditgaesj (edit: i’ve thought of questions! *cheering*)





i’ll see you all next week! (: