Musical Stories! 🎢 (NEW SERIES)

Hello, lovely people!!! πŸ₯°πŸ‘‹

Let’s get dOwn tO bUsInESs!

(Credit to: Imgur)

Okay, basically, I’m doing a new series! 🀩

It’s called Musical Stories, and how it works is that I’m gonna get a song, then write a story (500-ish words) inspired by/about it!

Okay, I know. You guys are probably YELLING it at the screen.

You might know that… I uhm, I’m not too good at series. Looking at YOU, Harry Potter and the Homemade Disaster!

But don’t worry! I’ll try my best to do this! *cough… VERY reassuring, PottahWand, VERY reassuring πŸ™„*

I’m not sure how many parts there will be, I guess I’ll be either doing it till the end of time, or when I’ve had enough! πŸ˜‚

So I won’t surprise you and attack you with bad news, in case I give up, because I’m doing the first part (I’m not sure part is the right word… 🀣) today!

I was gonna do Blinding Lights, but then I realised that I… probably go on about it too much. πŸ˜‚ It’s an amazing song, okay?

So I thought to myself, hmm, which song could I do?

And then I realised.

*dRaMaTiC mUsIc*

I am LITERALLY in LOVE with High Hopes! It’s an amazing song, and Brendin Urie’s vocals are amazing! *cough cough… yeah, and you’ve only listened to what, 2 songs by Panic! At the Disco?* (Hehe… I don’t listen to music too much.)

Listen to it while reading! 🀩

Anyways, here’s the story!:

Pacing seemed to make the pressure worse; I sat down in a blue, relatively comfy chair. As I sat down, all of my worries, all of my nightmares that I had had in the past weeks, everything, came crashing down on me. Surely, they’d find someone better than me? No doubt I’d perform badly in the interview that would determine my future, the one that was about to start. Why would I try, when I knew, of course, I knew, that there was no hope?

Sighing, I took out my phone. Maybe texting my friends would help? β€˜Hey, at da interview right now! πŸ˜† How do u think I’ll do?’ I wrote, and sent to my friend Kiara. I hoped she’d boost my confidence. I reread my message. I sounded like I was confident, excited- the complete opposite of what I was actually thinking. A message pinged back. It read,

β€˜Hai! Good luck! 🀞 I know u can do it! πŸ’•β€™

My heart lifted; I could do it! I truly believed in myself now, and if anyone would ever push me down anymore, they would be taken aback at the speed I came back up again!

β€œMiss Hall?” called an old lady tottering to the waiting room, β€œIs there a Miss Hall?”

β€œI- oh, yeah, that’s me, Ms…?”

β€œCall me Minnie, dear,” The old woman told me, β€œnow follow me! You wouldn’t like to be late for your interview, would you now?” She added fondly.

β€œNo… I mean- yeah, no.” I laughed nervously.

β€œNerves? Don’t worry, it’s just a few demonstrations of your teaching skills, and some questions. Nothing to worry about.” She said soothingly.

We entered her office, and I saw a number of small ornaments placed cleverly everywhere. Eight on the shelf, a few on the windowsill, it seemed that no one could sit anywhere on the furniture, and I sat down instead on a wooden, but surprisingly somewhat comfortable chair.

β€œJust a few minutes, dear, don’t worry.” She smiled.

Minutes passed in awkward silence, and after what seemed like ages, an elderly man came into the room and asked for me.

                                                                .                    .                    .

β€œI GOT IT!” I yelled over the phone to my mum, β€œI’VE DONE IT!!! I’M A TEACHER NOW!”

β€œI’m so happy for you, honey!” she cried, β€œI really am! After all your hard work… I’m so proud of you!” she dissolved into tears.

β€œOkay, I’m coming home now, I love you!” I laughed, and hung up.

After getting off the bus and opening the door, I was blasted full in the face with my family and friends yelling β€˜SURPRISE!!!’ at me, kitted with food, party poppers and confetti.

β€œWhat- you guys planned this for me?! But you only found out a few hours ago! How- Minnie!” I had spotted the elderly woman, a twinkle in her eye.

β€œI thought you’d like a surprise party.” She said simply, and shrugged.

And… that’s a wrap, people! πŸ‘ You’re meant to say that when you’ve finished making a movie but whatever πŸ™„πŸ˜

I hope you liked it? πŸ˜… I literally lost a couple of hours of my life, though, πŸ˜‚ because I had originally planned to do Love Story, by Taylor Swift, and the start wasn’t bad, but I’m HORRIBLE at romance, so I didn’t actually know how to make all the “Romeo and Julliet” love story stuff. So I deleted it, and realised that I can do High Hopes, because… *drumroll, please* IT’S AMAZING!!!

One last thing- comment a song you’d like to be made into a story! 😊 I’ll try my best to do as many of them as I can!

See you soon, lovelies! πŸ’• Hey- that’s what I’ll call you! 😍