Things To Do When Bored: Quarantine Edition

Hi peeps! So, obviously, quarantine in 2021 is driving everyone mad, and loads of people are envying those lucky peeps that are allowed to go to school. Of course, there are bright sides, like I’m able to blog more, but then again, I miss my besties LOADS. I miss SCHOOL. So, in today’s post, I’m going to throw around some ideas to help you stop going crazy in lockdown.


So, drawing seems pretty obvious, but honestly, it helps. It doesn’t matter if you would prefer to draw digitally or on paper, because both ways work. Drawing is really fun, mostly because you can draw literally ANYTHING. It could be a person (I enjoy drawing people), an animal, food, a house, buildings, a city, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

This pic is not mine, I just found this on Google.😅

If you are struggling with drawing manga, anime, chibi, realistic or kawaii drawing, then here are a few links and pictures to help:

Here is a pic explaining how to draw heads in profile.
Here are the body proportions.
And here are some eyes to start you off!

Some how-to draw links: This is a mini-tutorial mash-up by Love2DrawManga. I recommend watching their channel- you can learn a lot! This is 3 ways to draw manga girl eyes, by the same YouTube channel. This is more realism than kawaii, anime or manga. It shows you how to draw a male and female face. By RapidFireArt. This is a how-to video showing how to draw bodies. By Natalia Madej.


Okay, I admit, I didn’t really like many sports before I started playing one properly. But it’s really fun when you know how to play and if you have the correct equipment! For example, take me. Back when I went to school, I liked PE (sports, physical education, whatever you call it.😅) when we played dogdeball or hockey. We hardly ever played hockey, but we played dodgeball pretty often in late 2020. Anyways, I didn’t know that I would EVER like badminton. In earlier in 2020, my dad bought me and my little sis a badminton set, with 2 raquets and 1 plastic shuttlecock. We didn’t play that much, but this year, my dad told me HE had played badminton when he was my age. So, we started playing, just to try. And after a few sessions, we could play quite well! (We meaning me. My dad could already play. 😅) Now I really like badminton, so I encourage you to try! It’s actually worth it, and you can play in your garden or a park if you live nearby!

Sports! 👌


Writing is amazing! You can keep a diary (not that it worked out for me.), a blog, you can write books in a plain journal or anything else! You can make ANYTHING happen, and you could even incorporate your drawings in it! My tips (not that I’m a famous writer or anything) are:

Read! – Reading helps you, well, it helps you have fun! It can be you and the book, all alone and happy together.

Plan! – I don’t really do this, but I’ll include it anyway. Planning is important because then you don’t have to store all your ideas in your brain, and you won’t forget anything!

And … that is basically all the tips I can think of. Sorry if there wasn’t too many. If you have any questions or if you want to add something, be sure to comment down below. That’s it for today peeps! See you on Monday! ❤