A New Beginning

So, I have to tell the truth: I am thinking of making this blog into a lifestyle blog, as well as Harry Potter. You see, as much as I ABSOULUTELY LOVE Harry Potter, I’m finding it hard to express my feelings about it, and with every post I make, the harder it is to think of another post idea. But, if I were to do my life (but I would still keep anything personal to myself) then I would be able to come up with more post ideas. I hope everyone who reads this accepts me (for a person who can’t think of any Potterhead posts), and, yeah. That’s… basically it. I hope you like it? Omg, I might actually delete this soon, for fear of being cringey. 😂 On second thought, nah, I’m not. This is your first insight of… my life I guess? (Wow who knew I’m so dramatic). And in my other posts I thought I sounded so adultish. 😂😂😂 Okay, so, yeah! That’s it! Bye for now! ❤