Drawing A Post ✍✨

😉 sorry for my bad handwriting, i can do better but im lazy heh heh

I’m sorry but- 🤣 *shakes with silent laughter* (Credit: Pinterest)
Snape on a grape. THIS IS LEGENDARY. (Credit: Pinterest)
mYrTlE oN a tUrTlE XD (Credit: Animo Apps)
Totally makes sense 👁👄👁 (Credit: Someecards)
🥺 this is amazing (Credit: Bemorepanda)

Hey y’all!

Yes I was running out of ideas and yes I know it was a stupid idea to do this post

You do not know how much motivation I needed to take those pictures and put them in this post 🤡

To be real with you, I just don’t have that much motivation for blogging right now :,)

woah that sounds like im planning to leave, let’s * l i g h t e n * up the atmosphere gawsh maya you are a drama queen

not as much as sIrIuS BlACk “mY hAiR”

take note that im in a mood for no reason and im listening to bohemian rhapsody and simultaneously having a party in my head, im not this bad usually-

Goodbye for today! 👋

well that was abrupt-

i really gotta make a post where i just talk to that one voice in my brain

y’know, the one thats taking over the post right now

still abrupt maya-

Meet My Chick! *Easter Edition*

Oh yas, I have Bitmoji now. 😎

Heeeeello everyone, and a HAPPY EASTER!!! 🐥🐣

It’s really warm here in Britain! It’s been boiling for a few days!

As you can see, I’ve got Bitmojiiiii!

And I’ve finally figured out how to use it.

I didn’t know I was meant to add it to the WordPress library, okay? 🥴

Sorry, I’m gonna be using Bitmoji for posts a lot for now. 😂

Alright! Let’s get to business!

You’re gonna meet my chick!

Basically, each year around Easter, our school sells these little crocheted chicks (sorry if you thought I meant a real chick. :s I should have said.) for £1, and on Tuesday the 16th, I got one!!! 🤩😍 I wanted to introduce him to you guys!!!

Oh wow, I’ve just realised that Tuesday 30th was a 1 week anniversary!😎🐣🐥

I haven’t thought of a name for him yet, but I’m considering Albert. Could you guys please comment some name suggestions?

Okee dokee, I’m going to show you a little photo shoot I did with him! He’s such a cute little guy, and I love his company! In a second, I’ll ask him if he’d like to say a bit about myself, and then we’ll head on over to some more announcements! And some more Bitmojis 😈

Ghjmkmjñbnjngvccdsséddfghhkkkk Fghhjjkkkkllkkhggfddssweerfcvghhjjkkkkkm,lkkjfdsserddffghhkmmnhvvvf vcd  nbfddfgbjjjjsddfgjbvdďghhjvdwwdvghn  nbj  cdfhjbcxdrtbvvvghbvvfghbvvfgjm  vvfdeerrggbbvftuk,

Okay, I’m really sorry, he’s been walking all over my keyboard! 😂😂😂

Wow, how funny is that 🙄😜

Now, I’m gonna do something that NO ONE in their right minds would do. And I’m not in my right mind. So I’m gonna do something crazy and pointless! (Hip hip hurray!)

I’m going to sort him into a Hogwarts House and do a personality test with him!!!

So, without further ado, let’s sort a chick in to its Hogwarts House!

Oh boy, is this gonna be fun. 😌🤪😎

Le Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony!!!

Note: The artwork of the sorting Hat isn’t mine, I found it on Google, so all rights go to Google and the creator, but I don’t know who that is.

SORTING HAT: Hmmm… tricky… plenty of wit, hard working… ambition… but where to put you… better be…





Ohhh yes!!! We’ve done it, everyone!!! The first chick to be sorted!!! Now, you know what it’s time for… THE PERSONALITY TEST!!!

Le Personality Test!!!

This lil’ chick is a…





Of course, we don’t know EVERYTHING about him, we’ll learn about him over time, because he’ll be introduced in more posts, in the future!

Have a Happy Easter, everybody!!!