birthday q&a!

about a week ago, on my birthday, i said i’d be doing a q&a post, so here it is!

i’m so sorry for that horrible intro πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

inaya b

do you prefer to watch the movie first and then read the book, or first the book and then the movie?

read the book, then when watch the movie, for sure. it just feels wrong to watch the movie first lol

what’s your favourite color?

my favourite colour’s probably yellow, green or purple (:

what did you do/are you planning to do for your birthday?

i went to the shopping centre with my bestie

(note: i’m really sorry, but for some reason the format went haywire at this point haha)


when have you felt the most proud?

whenever i get good test scores πŸ˜‚
which celeb would you want as your BFF?

i have no idea lol πŸ˜…
where do you want to travel the most?

canada, i don’t know why but i’m so drawn to it, it sounds like such a nice place haha


do you prefer salty food or spicy food?

salty food, i don’t like a lot of spicy food.
what’s the last classic book you read?

a christmas carol by charles dickens, i read it for school. i don’t really like classics ahaha
what’s your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?

m, because it’s at the start of my name xD
what shirt are you wearing right now?

it’s a grey shirt, it says ‘dreamer of the future. be your own cheer leader. be the sunshine’ it’s a bit cringy ahahah.
if you could go on a vacation tomorrow to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

canada, but a close second is greece. they’re so cool ahghfgdjgjgeirgirnu


things you hate to eat?

vegetable soup xD
things you love to eat?

poptarts and paprika crisps
subjects you don’t like?

science, pe and geography and art (sometimes)
subjects you like?

english, drama and history
movies you watched recently?

insurgent from the divergent series, i loved it!
plans to redesign your blog?

yeah, i just need to add my header, blog button and change my site address (i don’t really know how to do that ahahaha)
if you are reincarnated then what celebrity do you want to be?

helena bonham carter, because she’s been in so many different films =D
choose one: johnny depp or brad pitt

johnny depp, i don’t really know who brad pitt is πŸ˜…

corrie s.p

which is your favorite: morning, midday, or evening?

midday, there’s time to do anything, and you’re not tired
do you like sharks or dolphins better?

neither, they both have their pros and cons ahahah
painting or doodling?

doodling, i’m so bad at painting πŸ˜‚
coloring or drawing?

both, because i’m bad at drawing, but i don’t really like colouring
pandas, or hyraxes? (srsly if you don’t know the last one look them up ;))

for anyone who doesn’t know what hyraxes look like (me included hahah) here’s a picture:

credit: world atlas

*dies of cuteness* definitely a hyrax
do you like snickers ice cream? It’s yummy in my opinion

i’ve never tried it, but i’d probably like it haha
have you ever tried red velvet cake ice cream?

i’ve also never tried this, or red velvet cake, but i might like it? i’m not really sure
what is your favorite ice cream?

chocolate or cookies and cream (:


did you have cake for your birthday? if so, what kind?

i did, i had a victoria sponge (:
hermoine or luna?

luna, i don’t really like hermione
favorite blog post of yours?

i loved writing my percy jackson and harry potter themed wallpaper posts! (link both posts)

definitely moi

if you could only listen to one song your whole life, what would you choose?

that’s such a hard question! πŸ˜‚ maybe bohemian rhapsody?
favourite place you’ve ever visited?

france or spain, probably. they were both so beautiful, i’d love to go again. (:
5 things you cannot live without

family, friends, books, junk food and netflix lol
if you could retain only one post of yours, what would you choose to keep?

as sentimental as it would be, i’m not choosing my first post or anything, my old posts are super cringy ahahah. i’d retain ‘a small announcement 🐱‘ i just love my catssss *incomprehensible screaming*
dogs or cats?

if it wasn’t obvious from my previous answer, cats! i do love dogs too, though =D


what’s your favorite blog post that you’ve done?

as i said before, my favourite blog post that i’ve written is probably the percy jackson and harry potter themed wallpapers!
what’s the last book you rated 5 stars?

i’m not sure, probably radio silence by alice oseman, my love for that book cannot be put into words haha
if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

canada! it sounds wonderful there (:


how many languages can you speak and is there a specific language you’d like to learn?

i can speak polish and english, and i’d love to learn russian!

what’s your go to hairstyle?

a ponytail, they’re simple to make when i’m half asleep xD

do you prefer coffee or tea?

tea! coffee is way too bitter, haha

welp, i guess this is the end of this post :,)

i had loads of fun answering these questions, thank you so much! =D


random word short stories! πŸ€ͺ

hey everyone!

i was scrolling through my post idea list on my phone and then i found an ✨idea✨ wow i wonder what else is on that list? what did you say? more ideas? #shOoK

i’ll flick through my dictionary, find a random word, and write a short story inspired by it!

(please note i am bad at writing πŸ₯²)

lets gooo

random word number 1: award – noun

Butterflies flutter in my stomach. My hands shake. Deep breaths, I tell myself, One performance and I’ll be finished. One small performance. That’s all.

I hear my name being called out. The butterflies swoop and my stomach churns. I walk, trembling, to the stage, clarinet in hand. I see the blaring bright lights. I squint and my eyes search for my older sister. She’s waving madly at me, a huge grin on her face.

The butterflies calm down. I take a deep breath. I focus on my clarinet, fingering the silver keys. My eyes skim the sheet music prepared for me. I take another deep breath. I begin to play. Music flows from my clarinet. I’m lost in the beauty of the music and forget about everything else.

~ a few weeks later ~

I read the letter in disbelief. I would’ve given myself 15th place. But here it is, in black and white: ‘We are pleased to inform you that you have received 3rd place in the Youth Arts Competition. Please read the information below to find where to receive your award.

random word number 2: bitter – adjective

“I hate you.”

“You’re just bitter because my prank was wayyy better than yours.” Harriet laughed.

He rolled his eyes and smiled. “No, I’m bitter because you’re annoying.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“But, seriously, don’t you think changing the autocorrect on my phone from ‘love’ to ‘hate’ was a bit too far? My mum was so confused!” he said, grinning.

She thought for a few seconds, before replying with, “No, but your’s was horrible. Saying you baked brownies? Brown ‘e’-s?! Why would you ever bake real brownies, anyway?

“Pfft, it was a great prank. Happy April Fool’s.”

so, uh, that had some… interesting results! (the last one wasn’t too long but i like it >:) also credits to my irl bestie she once told me she did that brown e prank ahahahah)

i may do this again in the future, this was really fun!

that’s all for now, bye everyone!<3

Fangirling About My Favourite Things! πŸ™Œ

Hi everybody!!! πŸ‘‹

Today I’m gonna be ** fangirling ** about random things that I like!

Let’s begin! πŸ‘Œβœ¨

Organising πŸ—’βœ

*screeeaaaamm* Organising is so fuun!!!! if you like it so much you should organise your drawer maya

It’s just grouping things togetherrr and it’s so satisfying and the end result is so prettyyy

I should really organise my bookshelf haha

Listening to podcasts 🎧🎢

I mainly listen to one called Camp Half-Pod, it’s about the Percy Jackson books and it’s the only way homework is somewhat enjoyable.

I know I shouldn’t listen to them when Im doing homework because I’ll lose my focus but it’s just really nice to listen to someone talkinngg ahah

I mainly listen to podcasts when cleaning my room or revising πŸ™ƒ

Notes App ✨

Woo hooo I use this almost everydayyy shoutout to the notes app its the bessssttt πŸ‘

well that was short

Books πŸ“š



Plants πŸͺ΄

I don’t why but I really want a plant for some reason haha

Not a real one, I’d be really bad at taking care of it ahah (any plants reading, BEWARE) But a small, plastic one would be a really cute addition to my room (:

(I love these separators, too 😜)

Okay, that’s all I have for today (because I’m running out of post ideas lol) bye bye everyone!!! *waves even though you cant see me*