I, Cosmo! ~ Book Review! ^^ (ft. the most amatuer book reviewer ever – a.k.a me, Maya)

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Today, we’re going to be review a book called I, Cosmo! It’s a really beautiful book!

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Credit to: Waterstones

Title: I, Cosmo

Author: Carlie Sorosiak

Pages: 263


Cosmo’s family is falling apart.

And it’s up to Cosmo to keep them together.

He knows exactly what to do.

There’s only one problem.

Cosmo is a Golden Retriever.


Wowwwww, I love this book!!! The plot is super original! Sure, it’s a like any other typical dog story, but it’s different from all the others at the same time! Basically, I, Cosmo is about Cosmo, a dog, who wants to keep his family together. So, when one day he has the chance to enter a music competition that could help Max and Emmaline’s (his owners) parents stop divorcing, despite his age, he decides to try. Wow that was a complicated sentence-

A golden retriever narrates a hilarious, heart-tugging tale of a dog and his humans as he tries to keep his family together while everything around them falls apart. Ever since Cosmo became a big brother to Max ten years ago, he’s known what his job was: to protect his boy and make him happy.‘ – Amazon (I think Amazon did a better job of describing it but whatever.)


I love all the characters, from Cosmo himself, Max, Emmaline, Mom, Dad, Uncle Reggie, and the sheepdog! One of the best things are Cosmo’s comments! They’re so funny, and, to be honest, very true! “Max’s father, who’s name is Dad…”, “He [Max] can even unscrew the lids off peanut butter jars. I’d like to see a giraffe do that.” and there’s loads more! I love how Carlie Sorosiak just really emerses herself into her characters in this book! Also, the sheepdog has the sweetest character arc at the end! 😍


(How cute are those stars, though?)

I’m rating it five starsssssss! It’s a really beautiful book, and I’m recommending it like crazy! 😍😍😍😍 ITS JUST SO GOOOOOOD EIFWGRERIGIJMFRIORIJ VOVJ EOJVO E IO EJEJ EROIER J

Not me just realising that I have 128+ followers- THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GUYSSSSSS


Ok guys, that’s all for today! I’m sorry I couldn’t make this review longer, it’s my first time writing a book review, and, hey, I’m gonna cringe while reading this one day anyway, so I’m not gonna try to improve it. 😌 lazy Maya 🥱

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Game Review – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 🤔❓

Hogwarts Mystery!

Hallo peeps! Today I thought it would be super fun to do a game review! So, recently, I got Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on my tablet, and I thought it would be cool to do a review on it! So, here it is!

About/Storyline (Spoilers):

Hogwarts Mystery is a choice game, where you, the player have a brother who discovered the Cursed Vaults, then ran away. You are now very curious about what was in the Cursed Vaults, if they are real and if he even saw them. You also want to find him. You start your journey in Diagon Alley, where you meet Rowan Khanna, a bookish, introverted girl. You go get your books, your wand and you’re off to Hogwarts!

Okay, so that’s the basic storyline that you follow at the beginning. You make friends with Rowan, and you meet many more people later. You also find yourself an enemy: Merula Snyde, a Slytherin. (Even though not all Slytherins are bullies! 🙁) Once you’re at the Great Hall, you watch a few people get sorted until it’s YOUR go! You get to choose your own house, which is nice, but it would be cool to do the actual Sorting quiz, and then, if you don’t get the result you want, you would be able to pick, but, no. You just pick whichever one you want.

Cons and Pros

One pro is that you can delete your progress if you want to start over. For example, a year ago, I had Hogwarts Mystery, but then I deleted it. This year, I decided to try again, and when I got it, it was the exact place where I had been a year ago. But then, I discovered that you can delete your progress, and I did! Here is a screenshot:

A con, however is that the energy runs out REALLY quickly, and for the quests you need to wait 1h and 30 minutes (or more) until you can do it, unless you want to waste your gems. Then again, that does mean you don’t stay on your device too long, but sometimes you can only get a good 15min of playing.


So, there’s this weird glitch I have where… well, it’s kind of complicated to explain. Here’s a screenshot:

My character should be upright, but instead…

Yeah, I know… I don’t really know how to describe it! By the way, the name that is crossed out is me! I’m not ready to share my name or age yet, so I crossed it out.


Okay, I feel like I haven’t done Hogwarts Mystery any justice. This whole article kinda feels like all cons. So, I’m gonna say that Hogwarts Mystery, while it has a few bumps and hiccups, is a really cool game! I am speaking from the heart when I say that it’s pretty fun!
I’m going to rate it…

4 stars!

Okay guys, that’s all for today! See ya soon!

P.S. Hogwarts Mystery please don’t sue me. 😦