This or That Collab: Collab with Saumya!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today, I am joined by the lovely Saumya, from Draw-Write-Inspire!!!!!

Hey there! My name is Saumya, a 13-year blogger from Draw-Write-Inspire and today I’m here with PottahWand for a Collaboration!! First of all I’d like to thank them for doing this with me because it was great and I had fun doing it. We did the most fun challenge- This And That.

Ok, so, let’s start this! Also, if you’d like to see my answers, then be sure to check out Saumya’s blog!!!

Saumya’s Answers, My Questions:

1. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee. You won’t believe me but I’ve never tasted tea in my whole life. 😂

Haha! Really? That’s crazy! At home, my mum drinks tea nearly every day! 😂

2. Day or Night?
Night. Getting up in the morning is not my thing. So half of my day gets wasted in sleeping and my mind works more efficiently at night when everyone’s asleep.

I understand. I HATE early mornings. Who CAN’T resist that cozy, warm feeling of nothingness in bed? 😌🛌

3. Book or Film?
Book. If you read the book, you imagine your own stuff. In movies, they force you to imagine. If you read the book, you’ll hate Draco because of his appearance explained but if you see the movie, you’re gonna fall in love with him.

True. 👌

4. Happy or Sad? (In general, e.g, films, books, feelings, ect) Happy. I’m a very cheerful person. No matter how I’m feeling inside, I cheer myself and other people.

Aw, that’s really cool! 🤩

5. Optimist or Pessimist?
Optimist. Well maybe, a pessimist in some things but mostly optimist.

I get that. I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I’m normally quite optimistic.

6. Bright or Dark?
Bright! I might like the night but it’s because of the stars that shine bright. (Gosh, I think I created a quote 😂) 

Ok, lemme just turn it into a PROPER quote. ✨

“I might like the night but it’s because of the stars that shine bright.”

– Saumya, Draw-Write-Inspire

7. Sweet or Salty?
Sweet! I love chocolates and I have a sweet tooth! 

Me too! 🍬🍫

8. Family or Friends
I’m sorry, I can’t choose between that. I’m really sorry but I can’t.

Yeah, I understand. 😅 You just can’t leave one or the other.

9. Pool or beach?
Pool. Because there’s no danger of getting drowned.

Oh yeah! I never realised! But then again, …*launches into a full blown debate with myself*

10. Comedy or Horror?
Comedy. I am not a fan of scary things.

Me neither! I’m so scared of horror that I’ve never watched it!

Does that make sense?

11. Phone or Computer?
Phone. I think phone is more personal and you can carry it everywhere. 

True! I’d probably choose computer, though, because… I don’t have a phone. 😂

12. Juice or Water?
Water. I can live without juice but not water.

Exactly!!! I don’t know what wrong with water, it’s healthier and ✨ AMAZING ✨!

13. Food or Drink?
Food. Because it’s more healthy and sufficient.

Wow. I actually don’t have an answer to this. 😂 I dunno, I’d probably choose both, ’cause you need both to live. 😅

14. Adventure or Peacefulness?
Peacefulness. I’m a coward.

Me too. 😅

15. Writing or Reading?
Writing. In reading, I go in a world made by someone else, even that feeling is wonderful. But in writing, I’m in a world created by me and I can make things according to what I want.

Yeah. But, I’d probably choose reading. 😅 I don’t get that many ideas, and when I do, I’m likely to bail on it.

Ok, guys, that’s it for today!!! Be sure to check out her blog, and check out her post!