a post where i ✨ramble✨

i think today’s featured image has too much going on, but i am not deleting those circles, it took me ages to line them all up lol

hi everyone!

it’s thursday, and i still have no idea what this post’ll be about, so today i’m rambling about anything and everything!

my blog name

i’m still procrastinating on when to change it, but i have finally thought of a blog name. i’ll be naming this blog ‘it’s raining books’! i want to focus on writing and more bookish content hopefully lol (there will still be incredibly cringy posts about whatever, too, though).


i currently have 2 wips: a harry potter fanfic, and an element-themed story i’ll probably scrap.

the hp fanfic is something i started about a year ago, then left in an abandoned word document. i’ve discovered it while searching my old laptop, and i found that it wasn’t too cringy, so i took pictures of it and started to rewrite it into a better fanfic. (thinking back, i probably could’ve just emailed it to myself, but that laptop’s really slow hahah). if i write some more, i’ll hopefully post it here so you guys can read it. (:

the element-themed story is something i’ve had in my head for a while, but i can’t think of a good plot, and also how it ends and starts, which i think is pretty important for a good book. if i ever do figure a plot, then i might work on it and also post it here.

my bookshelf

i’ve been planning to re-organise my bookshelf, and give books i don’t want anymore to charity, but because i’m incredibly busy with, uh, watching youtube, i can never find the time to do it! *cough* yeah that’s right you just don’t have enough time *cough*


i’ve still got about 3 weeks left before school, but, hear me out, i want to go already! maybe i’m going crazy or something probably but i really want to do homework just so i have something to do iwrjiefherjoiewoqevjckwijwi

when i get back to school, i guarantee you i’ll be complaining about homework and wishing for the summer holidays again lol

well, that’s everything for today, but how are you? how’s life? *runs out of questions to ask* uh, yeah that’s it, bye!

cLicK tHAt lIkE aNd sUbScrIbE bUtToN sO yOu dOn’t mIsS OuT On mOrE aMaziNg vIdEoS pOstS FrOm mE


random word short stories! πŸ€ͺ

hey everyone!

i was scrolling through my post idea list on my phone and then i found an ✨idea✨ wow i wonder what else is on that list? what did you say? more ideas? #shOoK

i’ll flick through my dictionary, find a random word, and write a short story inspired by it!

(please note i am bad at writing πŸ₯²)

lets gooo

random word number 1: award – noun

Butterflies flutter in my stomach. My hands shake. Deep breaths, I tell myself, One performance and I’ll be finished. One small performance. That’s all.

I hear my name being called out. The butterflies swoop and my stomach churns. I walk, trembling, to the stage, clarinet in hand. I see the blaring bright lights. I squint and my eyes search for my older sister. She’s waving madly at me, a huge grin on her face.

The butterflies calm down. I take a deep breath. I focus on my clarinet, fingering the silver keys. My eyes skim the sheet music prepared for me. I take another deep breath. I begin to play. Music flows from my clarinet. I’m lost in the beauty of the music and forget about everything else.

~ a few weeks later ~

I read the letter in disbelief. I would’ve given myself 15th place. But here it is, in black and white: ‘We are pleased to inform you that you have received 3rd place in the Youth Arts Competition. Please read the information below to find where to receive your award.

random word number 2: bitter – adjective

“I hate you.”

“You’re just bitter because my prank was wayyy better than yours.” Harriet laughed.

He rolled his eyes and smiled. “No, I’m bitter because you’re annoying.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“But, seriously, don’t you think changing the autocorrect on my phone from ‘love’ to ‘hate’ was a bit too far? My mum was so confused!” he said, grinning.

She thought for a few seconds, before replying with, “No, but your’s was horrible. Saying you baked brownies? Brown ‘e’-s?! Why would you ever bake real brownies, anyway?

“Pfft, it was a great prank. Happy April Fool’s.”

so, uh, that had some… interesting results! (the last one wasn’t too long but i like it >:) also credits to my irl bestie she once told me she did that brown e prank ahahahah)

i may do this again in the future, this was really fun!

that’s all for now, bye everyone!<3