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Hello friends!! Guess what? I am collabing with @Pottah Wand today! We are doing a Harry Potter collab where we ask each other Harry Potter related questions and see how many we get right! BUT before we get into this post, have you checked out Pottah Wand’s blog? YOU HAVN’T?! Here is the link for you,

Key: Me- bold pottah wand- not bold


Me-How did Harry Potter get his scar?Β 

Pottah Wand- Voldemort, a murderous wizard, entered Harry’s house, in 1981, on Hallowe’en and killed both his parents, Lily and James. But, when he tried to kill Harry, thanks to his mother saving him, was not able to kill him, and it rebounded upon Voldemort.

Me- Right!Β 

Me- What’s inside Harry’s wand?

Pottah Wand- A phoenix tail feather


Me- What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl?

Hedwig, a name he found…

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